Latex Waist Cincher Trainer Corset for Women Shapewear Trimmer

● Accelerate Weight Loss & Sweat Production, Waist Trainer for Women Working Out: The increased core temperature generated by our corset shapewear on workouts helps the body to burn calories and produce sweat, achieve your fitness goal faster. This waist trimmer can be used for postpartum recovery, waist trainer for women weight loss, sweat vest for women.

● Double Firm Control Tummy: his waist trainer front abdomen part is 2-layer fabrics,provide high compression on midsection,hold stomach in and reduce waistline instantly.

● 100% Natural Latex :  Latex will increase your body temperature to produce a Sauna effect, causing you to shape up, sweat more, and reduce fat cells. The inner layer has been designed for comfort and sweat absorption. This reduction belt will also work for long and short torso waists.

● Hourglass Waistline Is Not A Dream: The front chest of the corset waist trainer adopts a U-shaped design to make your chest straight, and elastic memory steel bones surround it to enhance the support of the waist, back, and abdomen in all directions.

● Efficient Waist Cincher  With the help of this body shaper, you may speed up the postpartum recovery process, minimize swelling, tighten skin, manage your stomach and back, relieve postpartum pain, ease the uterus’ transition to normal size, and help your pregnant body return to its pre-pregnancy form faster.

  • Product: Women Waist Trainer Corset Vest
  • Material: Latex / Cotton / Spandex
  • Color: Black, Beige or Custom
  • Size: XS~6XL or Custom Sizes
  • Function: Training, body slimming, Tummy Control, Belly Wrap,
  • Feature: Breathable, Strong, Elastic, Adjustable, Smooth and soft
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    Adjustable shoulder straps

    2 straps,its high elasticity and exquisite wrap make waist shaper cosy to wear,no stress or scars on shoulders,make you more charming in dresses.

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    Steel boned latex waist trainer


    Your waist trainer has 25 steel bones which provides you with support to make sure you maintain a good posture

    3 rows hook and eyes closure


    Your waist trainer has 3 rows of strong hooks and eyes which allows you to adjust it perfectly as your waist gets smaller.

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    Flexible & Durable Spiral Steel Bones

    Can be bend easily but recover quickly to origin

    Tissues and muscles need oxygen, especially during exercise. So we use flexible spiral steel bones for more freedom of movement.

    The exquisite technique, tight stitching trim wrap spiral steel bones, which is not easy to slip out.


    The outside is made from 100% quality latex material,giving you a perfect smooth shape.

    The inside of your waist trainer is made from 96% cotton and 4% spandex lining to absorb moisture and feels soft against your skin,ensuring that it will feel comfortable to wear all day.

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    Life is Movement. How to strive to live if we don't have a healthy body? Life needs waist trainer everywhere. You can see someone use it in the office, fitness, wedding, postpartum, gym and so on. A waist trainer is the helper of a healthy life. Maybe someone will ask why you say this? Let us tell you how beneficial the waist trainer is.

    It helps cutting extra weight off by boosting thermogenic activity and sweating, accordingly eliminate toxins.

    High compression latex material gives you perfect body curves, instantly reduces your waistline in 2-4 inches.

    Having your stomach squeezed will make you feel full faster. Compress the abdomen, reduce appetite, and effectively control diet.

    Flatten your stomach, make it smooth and flat, looks good like no love handles when you wear other clothes.

    Improve posture and make your back straight, chin up and chest out, release lumbar and back pain, strengthen your core muscles, develop good habits.

    Accelerate the calorie-burning process, tummy control, weight loss, and promote postpartum waist recovery.

    Maintain muscle warmth and support to prevent fatigue and injury after exercise.

    Movement permeates all aspects of life. No matter where or what time, you can wear a waist trainer to do anything. No matter what your purpose or idea, we recommend that you add waist training to your fitness plan. Life goes on, catch the opportunity to embrace your healthy life!

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    Continue to Tighten

    After being slim, is there a better choice than reselecting a new smaller size waist trainer? Yes, just remove this extender to realize the beautiful option of making full use of each item. Better choices come from smarter design

    Increase Service Life

    Since the core of ECOWALSON waist trainer is 100% made by latex, to prevent over-tightening and material fatigue at the beginning, each item comes with an extender, this will give you a long-lasting good tightening effect.

    Always Comfortable

    This extender helps you easily adapt to various occasions. When sitting for a long time, with this extender, proper loosening can be more comfortable. When working out, proper tightening can help to get better exercise results.

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    Memory Steel Bones

    Memory steel bones, which is flexible and durable, can bend easily and recover quickly to origin.

    Double-stitched Edges

    Double-row sutures on the edges and on both sides of the steel bone to prevent curling, tearing and shifting.

    Prevents Pressing Skin

    Keep a reasonable distance between the steel bone and the edge to avoid the steel bone pressing the skin.

    Custom Process

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    Printing technology

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    Customer Reviews

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     Love these waist trainers

    Love these waist trainers. I am 5'6, 195lbs and ordered a 38. I only order Ann Cherry because shipping is so fast and the trainers really work! Great buy!

     Get waisted!! This is my favorite waist cincher!

    Very happy! The smell of latex does last about a week.. This is a med. I was in a large (36) Ann chery original kind for about a month & a half. Then I ordered this semi vest. It has helped because it had great all over coverage vs the other one only covers the waist area. So if you are on the bigger side (like me from day one) your best bet is to start with this vest. Then work your way to the normal waist cincher. I am very satisfied with my purchase. Fast delivery & zero shipping fee! Will defiantly be buying again when this one no longer fits tight! :)

    Great waists trainer

    This is a great waist trainer. It helps slim down the stomach area as well as the back and gives your boobs a lift. Thanks to this trainer, you can wear your nice fitted dresses or slim shirts and not have any bulging areas. It will all be smoothed out. I am 5’2” and 146lbs and ordered a medium.

     The Ultimate Waist Trainer: Comfortable and Effective

    I have to admit, I was hesitant to write this review for fear of revealing the secret to my amazing waist transformation. This waist trainer is hands down the best one I have ever tried. From the moment I put it on, I was impressed by the comfort it provided. Unlike other waist trainers that feel restrictive and uncomfortable, this one is designed with utmost comfort in mind. I have worn it for the entire day without any issues or discomfort.

    While it may appear a bit bulky under clothing, this waist trainer truly shines when it comes to actual waist training or workouts. The thick and sturdy construction, along with high-quality materials, ensure that it provides the necessary support and compression for effective waist training. I have already noticed a difference in my waistline after consistently using this waist trainer.

    What sets this waist trainer apart from others on the market is its durability. The quality of the materials used is exceptional, and I believe it will last for a very long time. This is an investment piece that you can rely on for your waist training journey. Whether you're a beginner or have been waist training for a while, this waist trainer is a game-changer.

    In conclusion, if you're looking for the ultimate waist trainer that offers both comfort and effectiveness, look no further. This waist trainer has exceeded my expectations in every way. It provides exceptional comfort for daily wear, and its sturdy construction makes it perfect for waist training and workouts. Invest in this waist trainer and take a step towards achieving your desired waistline.

     Perfect tight fit

    This is what I been looking for a perfect tight fit waist trainer. I like the adjustable shoulder straps and the comfortable of it on my shoulders. It really tucks in my stomach area and gives me that hour glass feel. I got a large just for the tightness. And it gives you great posture. Love it .

     Love love this waist cincher

    Love love this waist cincher, fit s as expected. I work out and wear it for 6 to 8hr a day, and I see the difference in my waist. Git it is worth the money.

    This is PERFECT!

    This is a really sturdy corset, very comfortable, and so easy to lace. It looks amazing and does everything it needs to.

     Best vest corset!Just as described!

    Good quality & durable! Gives a nice enhancement to my hourglass figure! I’ve bought several going down in size each time! You won’t be disappointed as long as you order your correct size by their sizing chart! I highly recommend this waist trainer!

    Amazing corset but just one issue!!!

    Ok so I had a small issue with one of the straps breaking. However this corset is by far the best iv bought on Amazon. It's very comfy and very strong rubber latex!!!! Looks amazing even as a outer ware. I did contact the owner to see if they can just send my a new strap cause I really really don't want to send it back!! I'm in love!!! You won't go wrong!! The size cart is true to its sizes. It does fit tight but that's the point!!!

    I bought this item to train my waist and highly recommended this! Im 155 pounds 5"9 36 fit me tightly on the first row which is perfect for training your waist. This is a great starter corset! Iv been into corsets for 10 years and know my stuff! Won't go wrong with this one!!!

     I love it, so comfortable while giving me and HOURGLASS SHAPE!!!!

    I absolutely love this waist trainer! I got a size down which is medium and it went on great while flattening my stomach and making my waist look like a perfect hour glass! I love the back straps, a lot of the ones I have used in the past made me get back rolls which I dont have to begin with so I was a little unsure about what to get this time. But with the help of reading such great reviews about this product I definitely wanted to give it a shot! I am so glad I did. I feel so much more confident going out, not to mention I can fit pants that I usually can't even zip and button up! BIG PLUS!!  I usually never write any reviews about products...but I definitely wanted to on this one because the reviews I read on here is what led me to my decision to buy this! Every woman should have this! Looks so good under dresses, jeans tank tops and its unnoticeable! If you are thinking about ordering this please give it a try!! You will love it and it will give you an extra boost of confidence like it did me, trust me!!! Go for it!!!

     BEST of the BEST waist trainer!!

    I have tried several different waist trainers, and this one is by far the BEST!! It is made of latex, so it only stretches a little bit. It also has wire supports, so it does not "buckle and roll" when you sit down. I am 5'9", and it is long enough to cover my entire waist. It was a struggle getting into it for the first time, and it fit VERY snug once I got it on. Once again, it's latex, so DO NOT expect it to stretch like spandex. I worked out in it, and surprisingly, the hooks did not unravel and bust loose during my workout! I didn't wanna take a chance and put it in the washer and dryer, so I hand-washed it and hung it up to dry so it will last longer. I ordered a Large. The largest part of my waistline (lower waist/belly button) is 34", and I was only able to fasten the first row of hooks. So, if ANY part of your waistline is larger than 34", you may want to consider a larger size.

    Great Cincher for those who want to be SNATCHED!

    I absolutely love my cincher. I have worked out in it and it does not buckle or roll up. I have also just worn it throughout the day and it was tight but comfortable. The shipping was extremely fast. I am a 16/18 pants, L or XL top so the first time I ordered, I chose a 38 and when I received it, it was too small. I returned it with no problems and then I ordered the 42 to be safe and it was snug and perfect. I would recommend this product to anyone. If I had to give one con it would be that it makes sounds as it rubs against the clothes from time to time, I guess because of the rubber outer shell. Nothing that would deter me from ordering again because I definitely will be!

     the best brand!!!

    I ordered a size Medium after doing lots of research and measuring. I’ve had Ann Chery waist trainers before and they are honestly the BEST! The quality is great and they are very durable. I posted a picture of my new and old waist trainers. I bought the old waist trainer in 2013, size Small and as you can see it still looks great. Now, I decided to go with the Medium because I gained weight and the old waist trainer fit very tight. The Medium fits good and it has 3 Hooks, which I didn’t expect because I thought I was getting a 2 Hook. Finally, I really recommend this waist trainer. Stop buying cheaper brands, they are not worth it!


    1. Do waist training corsets affect breathing?

     A waist training corset restricts movement of the ribcage and diaphragm, which can affect breathing patterns. It is important to make sure that the corset is not too tight in order to breathe normally.

     2. How do waist training corsets work?

     A waist training corset works by compressing the abdomen, helping to support the abdominal muscles and reduce waist size over time. They also provide postural support and enhance your body's curves when worn consistently.

     3. Can a waist training corset help with weight loss?

     Waist training corsets are not designed for weight loss. However, they can help temporarily shrink your waistline by compressing your belly. For long-term weight loss, healthy eating and exercise are recommended.

    4. How long should a waist training corset be worn?

     It is generally recommended to start with a shorter time, such as 1-2 hours, and gradually increase the wearing time as the body adapts. However, it is imperative to listen to your body and remove your corset if you experience discomfort or pain.

    5. Can I wear a waist trainer while exercising?

     While some waist training corsets claim to enhance workouts by promoting perspiration, they're generally not recommended for strenuous exercise. They can prevent safe and effective exercise by restricting movement and preventing normal breathing.

    6. Can I wear a waist training corset to sleep?

     Wearing a waist training corset while sleeping is generally not recommended. This restricts movement and can negatively affect breathing patterns. It's best to allow your body to rest and recover without contracting.

    7. How do I maintain my Waist Trainer Corset?

     Care instructions for waist trainer corsets may vary depending on the material. However, most can be hand washed with mild soap and water, gently squeezing out excess water, and allowed to air dry. Avoid machine washing or using harsh detergents.

    8. Can men wear a waist training corset?

     Yes, waist training corsets can also be worn by men if they want to reshape and slim their waistline. Manufacturers offer specific designs and sizes to fit male body types.

    9. Is there an age limit for using a waist training corset?

     While there is no specific age limit, young adults are advised to consult a healthcare professional before using a waist training corset. The adolescent body is still developing and overall health must be prioritized.

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