Lace Garter Lingerie Set with Removable Choker Strappy Bra and Panty Set

● Design Women lace bra and panty set v-neck babydoll lingerie set features a delicate lace fabric, a strappy bra, a g-string thong with removabel choker suspender belt.This set is perfect for showing off your killer body

● Material: This floral sheer lingerie 3 pcs set is made of soft crochet lace with padded bra, partly lined with fringe trim and lace panties.

● Elastic Adjustable Straps: Stretch adjustable straps and 2 hook 4 rows -and-eye fastening ensure a long lasting, perfect fit. you can adjust the bra to the most comfortable position.

●  Padded Bra  The wirefree breezy bra has light and soft foam cups for all-day comfort and an strechy under-bust band that will lift the breasts naturally. It also provides a light push-up effect.

● Occasion Underwear, Nightwear, Sleepwear. Perfect for honeymoon night, wedding nights, lingerie party, anniversaries, valentine’s day, boudoir shoot or every special nights

  • Product: Lace Teddy Women Bodysuit
  • Material: Lace/ Polyester / Spandex Fabric
  • Color: Black, White or Custom
  • Size: 70BC, 75BCD, 80BCD, 85BCD or Custom Sizes
  • Feature: Breathable, Skin friendly,Adjustable, Shapewear, Comfortable and Soft
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    lace bra and panty set v-neck lingeriestrappy bra, a g-string thong with removabel choker suspender belt

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    This floral sheer lingerie 3 pcs set is made of soft crochet lace with padded bra, partly lined with fringe trim and lace panties.

    cate floral lace, soft and comfortable touch.The body-hugging fit shows off,look more glamorous

    Padded Bra soft foam cups for comfort for all-day, strechy under-bust band that will lift push-up the breasts naturally.  

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    Stretch adjustable straps and 2 hook 4 rows ensure a long lasting, perfect fit.  

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    Customer Reviews

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    Very flattering

    I’m 6 months post partum and got this for my wedding anniversary. I was nervous since my body is a little out of wack but the fit is great. Husband approved!

    Very Classy and So Soft

    I am 5'5, weigh 135lbs, I am a 34DD bra and medium panty in VS sizes. So I ordered the medium. The top fit perfect with fuller coverage, the bottoms were a tiny bit big but I am small on the bottom. I decided to re-order a small to compare sizes and fit. The small did fit a slightly better with a little less coverage on top (more cleavage) but found it to be a little tighter/shorter around the neck. I kept both. To soft to send either size back.


    I'm a bigger woman and this cut and fit is flattering for curves.

    The fabric is soft and comfortable and I love the lace.

    I got the different color variety and there are some colors that are my favorites and some I'm not so hot about...I asked my man to just rip them off of me...a good little investment on keeping things spicy. Highly recommend

    Great actually

    I was worried they wouldn’t be very flattering at all, but they fit in a way and I really like them. would post a pic, but it might break the internet. Would def consider purchasing more since the price is really good for the quality of the lace (so far doesnt seem easily tearable or stringy, I also always avoid putting lace in the dryer).

    Very soft and comfortable, with great stretch. I usually wear somewhere between a small and medium, so I went with the medium and glad I did because they seem like still a bit on the smaller side, so I’d recommend going the size up if you are in between. feels like wearing almost nothing and still stylish :)

    Time perfect

    I won’t add a picture cuz it would be a bit much but let me tell you this is definitely amazing especially for the price. I an 140 lbs, wear a size 34 DD BRA and have a 31” waist and the medium fit perfectly. Given I wouldn’t get the medium if you have bigger boobs as mine just barely fit but it looks pretty great. It is also very comfortable, I wore it under my clothes to a dinner and my bf loved it once we got home. I’ve worn it a couple times and it seemed to do well in the washing machine, not sure how long it will last but for the price getting a few wears would be more than enough.

    Guys will LOVE this set ladies

    I bought this set as a "surprise" for my man. He LOVED it. The bottoms are extremely cute with all of the straps. The top I think would flatter a woman with a C cup or larger. I have a B cup and I don't quite fill it out as much as I would like. However, it is still a very cute set and it gets my man excited...which was the goal anyway. A word of caution, the lace in the top provides minimal coverage (just over the center of your breast/nipple) and it's not lined. So, if you have prominent nipples that show through clothes, I would recommend either adding pasties to hide your nipples or wearing this only in the bedroom/at home.


    1. Is lace underwear comfortable to wear?

     Yes, lace underwear is comfortable to wear, especially if it is made of high-quality soft material. Many brands ensure that their lace underwear is both beautiful and comfortable, prioritizing how the fabric feels against the skin.

    2. How to choose the right lace bra set size?

     To choose the right size for your lace bra set, it is essential to measure your bust and underbust measurements accurately. Please refer to the size chart provided by the brand to find the perfect fit. Keep in mind that sizing may vary between brands, so it's best to measure yourself for each specific suit.

    3. Can I wear a bra and panty set for comfort and not just for attractiveness?

     Absolutely! While lingerie is often associated with its visual appeal, many brands are now also focusing on creating comfortable and supportive bra and panty sets. Find outfits that are stylish yet comfortable, choosing fabrics and designs that make you feel good throughout the day.

    4. What colors are available in the lace bra and panty set?

     Lace bra and panty sets are available in a variety of colors to suit different preferences. Common choices include black, white, red, pink, blue, purple, and nude.

    5. Can lace underwear be worn during pregnancy?

    During pregnancy, comfort is a top priority. Lace maternity underwear is available, designed with stretchy lace and soft materials to ensure both comfort and style. Look for styles with adjustable waistbands to cater to changing body shapes.

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