Wireless T-Shirt Bra Seamless Padded Shape Smooth Bras

● THE SUPPORT YOUR CURVES NEED – Ultra-thin stretch foam cups fit your curves beautifully while providing superb underwire support.

● ADAPTS TO YOUR SHAPE, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND – Comfort Flex Fit fabric stretches effortlessly to mold to your shape.

● SMART SUPPORT – Foam cups for smooth shaping with underwire construction and inner sling for even more support.

● COOL COMFORT – Moisture-wicking fabric helps keep you cool and dry, mesh center inset for breezy ventilation.

● SLEEK AND SMOOTH, ALL AROUND – Satiny, seamless cups disappear under clingy clothes while the built-up back and sides further enhance smoothing for a no-bulge look.

● EASY ON-AND-OFF – Playtex perfectly smooth bra is designed with a back hook-and-eye closure for easy on-and-off.

  • Product: Cup T Shirt Bra
  • Material: Polyester / Nnylon/ Spandex Fabric
  • Color: Black, White,Nude, Red or Custom
  • Size: 70BC, 75BCD, 80BCD, 85BCD or Custom Sizes
  • Function: Breathable, Skin friendly,Adjustable, Comfortable and soft
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    Plunging Neckline

    Deep V-neck allows for wardrobe versatility wear it with almost anything.

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    Fold over stretch elastics at the neck edge are super soft and provide utmost comfort for the wearer. The sheer lined top cup allows for breath-ability while also adding a visual lightness to the design.

    Super Soft Fabric

    Super soft fabric that feels light as a cloud for everyday wear and comfort.

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    Smooth Molded Bra

    As trends become more focused on tactility and comfort, unlined molded products come to the forefront of focus. This new Underwire Molded Bra is crafted from ultra-light cool fabric for the utmost comfort against the skin and ease of wear. The non-stretch tulle in the top cup gives a lighter look while still providing shape and support, a great new addition to our Smooth collection.

    Cushioned, reinforced straps to minimize movement.

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    • Seamless underwire t-shirt bra
    • Lightweight stretch foam cups for shape and support
    • Innovative crisscross design in band helps to minimize side bulge
    • Designed to help smooth back and sides
    • Extra side coverage reduces underarm bulge

    Custom Process

    Fabric & Material 

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    Logo Label Tech

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    Workshop Process 

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    Customer Reviews

    Super Comfy

    This bra is so flattering and comfortable. I love that it has convertable straps.

    Comfy AND Supportive

    A recent hormone change rapidly jumped my chichis up 2 cup sizes from a 34D to a 34DDD. To give my ribcage more space for comfort, which is the goal with an underwire-free bra, I went with the sister size 36DD. I figured a good start for all new bras would be a Warners bra because that brand usually fits me well in everything. The cups are a near-perfect fit for my volume. The reinforced seams that replaced the underwire hit exactly where they are supposed to. I don't spill out when I bend forward 90°. I feel well-supported. It's comfy AND supportive. I have a lot of spine problems, and I didn't notice any added back pain with this bra on. This is my new working from home bra for sure.

    bonus: the straps can be crossed to make it compatible with more clothing styles.

    I also do not like a lot of padding

    I went to a local department store in search of new lingerie and found this product. It fits a bit tighter than what I have been used to wearing, but is not uncomfortable. I can't stand underwires and this product delivers a pain-free, attractive lift. I also do not like a lot of padding. There is a little more padding than what I have been used to, but it is comfortable. The store had a buy one, get one half off sale, but only had one in the size I needed. Upon returning home, I found them on Amazon at a MUCH better price and bought more than I had originally planned to buy at the store. It is not detectable under clothing and allows for a clean, smooth appearance. Warner's has always produced quality products and this is no different.

    Perfect bra!!!!

    I bought this bra without knowing my US size (in my country the sizing is different) but after measuring my body according to the website I chose the perfect size to me! I wanted a bra that looked good under clothes because my bras always show (the cup line or the seams or the band and I hate that) and this one not only can't be seen, it also flatters my chest.

    I love that it is wireless but still have great support, the way it is constructed is very sturdy but the materials are very soft. This support+softness results in great comfort, I can wear it all day and forget that I'm wearing a bra (which was impossible with my previous bras).

    It has a small padding inside the cup, I don't know if it makes any difference (or maybe THAT is the difference that makes me love this bra so much). I also like the detail in the strap, it has two fabrics, creating a nice detail that I wouldn't mind showing if I was wearing a tank top that possibly shows my bra straps.

    The cut of the bra is very flattering, it is almost impossible to call a beige coverall bra beautiful, they all look so granny, but after putting this on, I really think it is very well tailored and makes my chest look great. I bought another bra wih this one and although it is good and meets my needs, it is far from being as good looking as this one.

    One last cute thing: the inside of the cup is pale pink. That doens't make any difference at all in the functioning of the bra but I just like to know that I'm wearing something cute like that.

    Now I can't wait to have another opportunity to buy more colors of this perfect bra.

    Stars Perfect Bra....

    This bra is perfect. I am a 34D and this bra stays in place without wire. and enough fabric to not show things. But not too much that it is padded. The straps can be changed from a normal over the shoulder to a racer back so it fits under most clothing without showing.

    The only complaint I have for Warner is not about this bra but about not making it in sizes 32. I have gained a little weight due to COVID but I when I loose some weight I will back to a 32D and am worried this will no longer work for me. Warner, make a 32!!!

    Best Bra I have ever had

    Great quality, Fabric is smooth and it perfectly fit on me. I love it.

    Lightweight and comfortable

    I purchased 10 different bras and selected 5 to keep. I’m hard to fit and extremely fussy. I want comfort, but shape is probably more important. This one is my favorite, as I like the way it shapes me. Not too rounded where it appears I have to medicine balls protruding from my chest (if you know what I mean). Measurement wise I might be a half inch smaller, but nothing significant. My breasts still appear to be diminished in clothing. I measure 34 in band size, but purchase 36 as a 34 is sheer torture in holding up the G or H cup size. This bra is light weight and the material is smooth, so for every day it’s my go to. The cup material is thin, so I insert bra pads so nipples aren’t showing. This works for me

    Incredible wireless bra, lifts and separates! Comfortable with large chest

    Great fit, great bra! Very pleased with this purchase, to be wire free and give so much lift and support is wonderful. I feel like I am wearing either a comfortable sports bra, or no bra at all when I wear this all day at work! It still lifts and separates, I do not have a una-boob, nor am I sagging. I have the same shape as I did in a wire bra, without the wires! I have had other wire free bra‘s where I could hold a pencil under my breasts. This really lifts and is relatively flattering. The cups go high, I do not fall out or need to adjust even when I bend all the way over and touch the floor. So pleased that I bought in both nude and black. The straps do not really adjust much, that would be the only slight negative, but they happen to fit fine where they are. They are wide and do not dig in my shoulders. This fit true to size, 38D. Definitely

    Perfect and so comfortable

    Love these! I bought 3. They are pretty and fit true to size based on the Hanes size guide. They are better than expected. They're exactly like a "real bra" without underwire. And the padding is super light which I love because I hate thick fake looking padding. These fit smooth and look very natural. Also, eventhough there is no underwire, they do offer nice shaping and "lift" subtly and naturally. I will definitely buy more. And great quality for the money. ---- just an edit to add that they have 3 double-hook closures in the back so you can make it tighter or looser back-wise (like a real bra) and also the normal "slider" type of thing on the straps (like a real bra) - not sure what they're called but basically they have everything a regular bra has and are not like a pull-on or sports bra Finally a REALLY supportive bra - for a non-plus size gal

    First - I’m 5’4” 118 lbs, 34DDD. I ordered a 34DDD. I LOVE this bra. It is super supportive, comfortable and smoooth! Do you know how hard it is to find ANY size 34DDD bra?! It's no walk in the park ... unless , of course, you want to spend closer to $200+ per bra.

    I really love that the bra has 3 hooks in the back (3 adjustable rows of 3 hooks each - that’s 3 hooks, not 2 from top to bottom). I’m fairly petite - not tiny. ... and wearing this bra does not make me feel like I'm wearing "armor" (something a lot of bras in this cup range feel like on my smaller frame). The fit in snug, not tight, supportive and comfortable. It does not ride up or down, the straps don't move - at all.... and when I take it off at night, I don't have a red "bra outline". The entire length of the strap is elastic - thus, it moves with you... and the entire length is adjustable. I'm very short-waisted (5'4", with a 31-32"

    inseam)... and I hate when the bra manufacturer gives you only about 3-4 inches of adjustability, with a strap which is usually satin (slippery), narrow, decorative, pretty ... and useless. I don't want my bosom bouncing and swaying about all day.

    Long story short -I really love this bra. Get it ... don’t think about it ... just buy it... you won't regret it.

    Perfect for full-on-bottom, high-set breasts with projection.

    This is the first bra I've ever had that actually fits in every way. Not for lack of trying to find one, but for lack of understanding how bras are typically constructed. If you haven't already, I highly recommend taking a look at "ABraThatFits" on Reddit. They explained things to me about bra fitting that I'd never heard before.. again, not for a lack of trying to learn.

    My breasts are full on bottom, meaning also shallow on top. It takes a determined push-up bra like this one to create rounded fullness above the cup. Until this bra, I'd never seen that on myself before. My breasts are also projected, i.e. the roots of my breasts, the area where they're attached to my chest are smaller in area and short in height. Another way you could put it is that the majority of my breast tissue is "detached" from my body. What this meant for my past bra fittings is that by the measurements alone, I need a D cup. But even with a pushup style, the tops of the cups were empty and stood away from my body (they call this gaping) and it's very obvious under clothing. Most bras are apparently made for women with larger overall roots and even fullness from top to bottom. And manufacturers seem to assume that the only women who have trouble finding suitable bras are those with large breasts (E cup or larger). Not true, obviously.

    I also have very little distance between the top of my shoulder and my armpit, and from armpit to nipple. They're high-set breasts, as in they're set higher on my torso than they are for "most" women. This meant that it was very hard to find bras that fit my cup size, AND that didn't cut into my armpit, which forced the gaping at the top of the cup to bend out even more. As a result of this, I have always searched for half-cup or balconette style bras. Bras that are typically thought of for fun and fancy times only, and that have very little coverage for breast types other than my own. For me though, they cover the entirety of my breasts just fine. In fact, they still cover me a little more than I need, but at least they don't gape across the top.

    This bra redistributes my bottom-fullness to be more even, gives me the rounded cleavage look above the cup, and the top of the cup finishes at the right height and depth, and is angled in just the right way to end and join with the strap at the same spot that my breast tissue "ends" beneath my collar bone. High-set breasts like also mine mean that you need a much shorter strap than most do, and this bra's strap is fully adjustable. The fabric is soft and has a texture that keeps it from being too slippery, so my straps never go wandering. And it comes in colors that flatter cool-toned pale skin! I look sickly in ivory/beige and most pinks, so that this bra comes in a simple black and a pale blue made me very happy too.

    As with every bra, you should really hand wash it. I haven't put it in a machine so I can't attest to whether it holds up to machine washing.. but it shouldn't have to. Always wash them in the sink with a gentle detergent and hang to dry.

    I hope this was helpful. It's really hard to explain all this without pictures. If any of this sounds familiar to you, go check out the information at ABraThatFits. Seriously. It'll change your life.


     1. What is a cup bra?

     A cup bra is a type of women's underwear that includes individually molded cups that support and shape the breasts. Unlike traditional bras, cup bras are designed to hold each breast individually, enhancing the overall fit and comfort.

     2. How are cup bras different from regular bras?

     The main difference between cup bras and regular bras is the design. While regular bras may have one piece of fabric covering both breasts, cup bras have individual cups for each breast for more precise support and shaping. A cup bra can make your breasts look more natural and lifted.

    3. Are padded bras uncomfortable?

     Wearing a padded bra is a matter of personal preference. Some women may find the extra padding uncomfortable, while others appreciate the extra support and shape. Choosing the right size and fit can help improve comfort.

    4. Can I wear a padded bra while playing sports or exercising?

     Yes, padded sports bras are for women who like extra support and protection during physical activity. These bras typically feature moisture-wicking fabric, adjustable straps, and breathable padding for maximum comfort.

     5. Do padded bras permanently increase cup size?

     Wearing a padded bra will not permanently increase your cup size. The added volume and shape of the padding is temporary and disappears once the bra is removed. Bras only enhance the appearance of the breasts when they are worn.

     6. How should I care for my T-shirt bra?

     To ensure the longevity of your t-shirt bra, it is recommended to hand wash with mild detergent and warm water. You should avoid harsh chemicals, bleach, or fabric softeners that can damage fabrics. Also, avoid wringing or twisting your bra and let it air dry.

     7. Can I find T-shirt bras with extra features?

     Yes, some t-shirt bras have additional features such as adjustable straps, removable padding, and different levels of padding. Some t-shirt bras also feature moisture-wicking or cooling technology, making them suitable for active lifestyles.

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