Push Up Cup Bra Padded Smooth Demi T Shirt bra

● SUPPORT YOU NEED – Lightly lined demi construction with underwire Smart cups for uplift where you need it.

● TWO-IN-ONE CONVERTIBLE STRAPS – Adjustable straps easily convert from traditional straight to crisscross wear.

● MOVES EVERY WAY YOU DO – Comfort Flex Fit stretch fabric for a flexible fit that adapts to your shape.

● T-SHIRT SMOOTHNESS – Subtle jacquard fabric creates the smooth look you want under clingy clothes.

● NO-PINCH CLOSURE – Brushed hook-and-eye back closure for no-pinch comfort.

● KEEPS YOU COOL AND COMFORTABLE – Moisture-wicking Cool Comfort fabric for cool, dry comfort.

  • Product: Padded Cup T Shirt Bra
  • Material: Polyester / Nnylon/ Spandex Fabric
  • Color: Black, White,Nude, Red or Custom
  • Size: 70BC, 75BCD, 80BCD, 85BCD or Custom Sizes
  • Function: Breathable, Skin friendly,Adjustable, Comfortable and soft
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    Feels Like Nothing: This bras for women are practical and supportive at the same time; they feature seamless full coverage bra cups that provide smooth, reassuring containment and lift up to a G cup with worry-free support

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    Light Contour Cups

    Light contour wire-free cups provide natural shaping and support.

    Bottom band elastic encased in fabric for added comfort and support

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    Comfortable and Soft

    Non-itchy, pretty demi construction accents at the band add an extra dose of femininity.

    U-shaped back prevent shoulder-slippage for the ultimate comfort-fit

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    Customer Reviews

    Comfortable Bra for  Women

    This bra is a light shade of pink, so it can act like a nude bra in the case it can't be seen under white or sheer shirt fabric. It is comfortable and does a good job keeping the girls where they need to be. Bra is high quality, bought my first one at Christmas time. I wear it frequently and it is holding up wonderfully. Bra has kept its shape through frequent wear and washing. Bra is one of few that I have found that minimizes my back fat, but accentuates my cleavage. Won't be seen if you wear low cut or v-necks. Great bra!

    This is an underwire bra?

    This is exactly what it says it is...a comfortable underwire bra. Who knew there was such an animal? I have been trying to wear those soft bras with the removeable pads. They are super comfortable, but first off, they do not give my DD girls enough support, and second, they (the pads, not my breasts) wonder all over the place on my chest. That is not a good look. So, I thought I would try this out based on all the good reviews and I am amazed at how comfortable this bra is. What kind of sorcery is this? My breast line is back where it belongs and not having tea with my belly button. My blouses look 100% better and I look slimmer! Needless to say, this bra has become my new best friend.

    Just What I Needed

    UPDATE: this bra does run large, in both cups and band. forgot I actually ordered a 36D rather than the usual 36DD because of reviewers who said it runs large, and it feels like I'm wearing a 38DD. just ordered another 36D, though. since I already wear it on the tightest hooks, if the band stretches out before it's truly time to replace the bra, I'll sew a tighter fit. even with the sizing issues, this is a fantastic bra. ymmv ***

    needed to replace my bras and I've been wearing playtex for a few years. the last two styles ordered were just the support I needed, but they gave me a weird flattened straight up and down cleavage. not like a sports bra, but equally unattractive. looked at almost every style on amazon and read hundreds of reviews. sometimes that just complicates things. it took weeks to make a decision and add to cart.

    this bra is extremely comfortable for all-day wear, though at first I thought it was an awful fit. turns out I just needed to lengthen the straps. love the smooth not-pointy outline. the cups fit well. slightly padded, which I usually avoid like the plague, but the padding doesn't make me look bustier. I normally wear a 36DD but this bra in that size feels a bit large in the band. I want to buy a couple more of them, but will wear this one for another week or so. can't believe I'd actually wear a 34DD, but there's a lot of room for expansion where the hooks are, so maybe that would work for this particular style. I'm wearing it on the tightest hooks, so there's nowhere to go as it starts stretching from regular use.

    bras are an individual and often subjective thing in many respects, but for those who have large breasts and need full support, this is a really nice one. I don't wear extremely low-cut anything, but the very top of my cleavage looks "normal" (to me) in this bra. perfect for my summer dresses.

    Great push-up bra

    This is a great push-up bra. I don't really like it that much as a racerback because it's a little uncomfortable and accentuates my back fat. A really good racerback will have a flat, wide piece of fabric in the center of the back so it doesn't dig into you as much, but with this bra, if you uncross the straps, it actually stays up fairly well on your shoulders and is much more comfortable and attractive that way. It is a little bit heavy and very thick in the cups, but that is a construction that can be very helpful in some situations. I find it is best to have a variety of different bras for different purposes (or different outfits.) This is a really good one to have in the collection.

    Exactly what I was hoping for

    I needed a good padded bra and I had been searching for month with no luck. I decided to risk online and I am very very happy with my purchase. It pushes up beautifully, it is comfortable, and pretty!! Planning on buying more. Oh, I gave 4 stars on comfort only because it causes me a little itchiness, but I am super sensitive with that, but wire and stretch are very comfortable.

    Excellent Fit, Amazing Comfort, Wonderful Shape

    I wear normally a 36 C when using underwire normally. With the design of this bra, I went up to a D cup which gave me amazing coverage, with great shape in my fitted top. I cannot begin to tell you how sooo comfortable I feel now with nothing poking me. This is not a bra just for home. I wore it under my dress clothes and the shape was exactly like what you get with an under wire. I’ve bought 2 and will be buying more.

    Fits great

    I love this bra. It is extremely comfortable and I can wear it all day with no discomfort. Bought 6 bras.

     So soft and supportive

    I'm a 36D and need lots of side support and this does that. It is super soft as well. Sooooo comfortable. I hate a wire! I fall out of the bottom of most without a wire because I need the support, but this one with the wide band is great. Wish they had BLACK!


    1. What types of clothes can a T-shirt bra be worn with?

     T-shirt bras are versatile and can be worn with all types of clothing, including body tops, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and any other garment you desire for a seamless look. It is designed to lie flat against the body and not show through clothing.

     2. Can I wear a T-shirt bra every day?

     Absolutely!  T-shirt bras are great for everyday wear as they provide a comfortable fit and smooth look under a variety of clothing. They can be worn for extended periods of time as they generally provide excellent support and shape without compromising on comfort.

     3. Do T-shirt bras fit all bust sizes?

     Yes, T-shirt bras are available in a variety of sizes to fit all breast sizes. Whether you have a small or large bust, you can easily find a t-shirt bra that fits your size and provides the right support.

    4. Can cup bras be worn under different types of clothing?

     Yes, cup bras are designed to be versatile and can be worn under all types of clothing. The cups of a bra help lift and shape the breasts, making them suitable for wearing under well-fitting tops, dresses, and even dresses. Cup bras are also usually seamless, providing a smooth look under clothing.

     5. How do I determine the correct cup size?

     To determine the correct cup size, you'll need to measure at the fullest part of your bust and subtract the bust girdle measurement. The difference between the two measurements corresponds to your cup size. It is important to measure yourself regularly, as weight fluctuations and body changes may require different cup sizes.

     6. Can I wear a cup bra while exercising?

     Yes, there are cup bras specifically designed for sports and physical activity. These sports bras provide extra support to prevent excessive bounce and discomfort during workouts. Look for cup bras with moisture-wicking fabric and adjustable straps for optimal comfort while you're active.

    7. What is a padded bra?

     A padded bra is a bra with extra padding or lining inside the cups to enhance the shape, size and appearance of the breasts. Pads can be made of various materials such as foam, gel or even air pockets.

    8. How do padded bras work?

     A padded bra can provide extra support and create the illusion of fuller breasts. Padded cups add volume and help lift the bust for a more rounded, defined bust. They can also help keep nipples from being visible.

     9. Are padded bras machine washable?

     Most padded bras are machine washable, but it is recommended to follow the manufacturer's instructions for best results. To maintain shape and padding, it is recommended to use a gentle cycle and avoid using the dryer as heat can damage the padding.

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