Women’s Push Up T Shirt Bra Deep V Shape Smooth Bra

● Front Closure: Easy on-and-off, this racerback T-shirt bra features a hidden front hook-and-eye closure.

● Perfect Containment and Lift: Refined full coverage bra with a tall, smoothing band that stays put; side panels for centering effect; double-lined mesh band that subtly smooths your back and sides; soft and smooth fabrics ensure comfort during wear.

● No Side Effects: Smooth things over with the No Side Effects wireless lightly lined t-shirt bra. Extra coverage panels and elastic-free sides and back provide tank top approved underarm smoothing, made for sleeveless styling. Get the perfect fit with flexible foam cups and front-adjustable stra

● Smooth and Shapely: This cup bra is Smooth and Shapely from every angle, Strategically targeted two-ply side and back support enhance smoothing all around.

● T Shirt bra is built for comfort so you can wear all day, everyday. Softer than ever and invisible under your clingiest shirts, make this bra a great everyday choice

● Lightly lined thin foam pads and an underwire offer just the right amount of support

● Adjustable straps allow for a perfect fit and can be worn cross back to hide straps under sleeveless tops

● This bra was built for maximum comfort. This t shirt bra has moderate coverage and comes in smooth and breathable fabric types

  • Product: Push up T Shirt Cup Bra
  • Material: Polyester / Nnylon/ Spandex Fabric
  • Color: Black, White,Nude, Red or Custom
  • Size: 70BC, 75BCD, 80BCD, 85BCD or Custom Sizes
  • Function: Breathable, Skin friendly,Adjustable, Comfortable and soft
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    Full figure front close underwire bra, Easy on-and-off,

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    Perfect Shape T Shirt bra features soft all over padding that perfectly molds to your curves for extra shape in addition to enhancing cleavage

    Non-stretch molded cup offer a natural rounded shape, made from Aerocool fabric so it feels ultra-lightweight and keeps you cool and dry.

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    The taller built-up back offers increased support while also smoothing the back for a flat finish under clothing. The underband is wrapped in soft edged elastic for increased comfort and reduced rolling.

    ● Hidden inner sling for natural shaping and support
    ● Comfort wire placed between cup layers to prevent rubbing against the body
    ● Barrel front closure locks in place
    ● Kicked-in back straps won't slide off shoulders
    ● Soft, stretch fabric smooths and contains sides and back for a sleek look under clothes
    ● Lightly lined cups provide modesty and great shape
    ● Wirefree construction offers separation and support

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    Customer Reviews

    Very comfortable wire free bra

    This bra has slight padding in the cups, lots of flexibility and is very breathable I am 55 and have lost 240 pounds since 2005. My breasts are mostly saggy skin but this bra gives me the look of some fullness and shape without the discomfort associated with most bras. Will be purchasing more.

    Great t-shirt bra

    Lightly padded, cute, comfy, great as an everyday bra. I'd definitely recommend this one.

    Oh, So Very Comfortable!

    I hardly know I'm wearing this wireless T-shirt bra! This is my fourth purchase, which speaks for itself.

    Here's why I love it: Lightly padded, smooth and silky, perfect fit. It's so lightweight, it almost vanishes under clothing. I participate in many sports - tennis, biking, in-line skating, hiking, sailing – but hate being squished into uncomfortable “sports” bras.

    Comfortable criss-cross strap option in back keeps shoulder straps in place. Wide band keeps bra secure. Hand wash cold and line dry. 84% Nylon and 16% Spandex. Full coverage, True-to-size, ultra comfort, and a great value for the money. Highly recommended!

    Great fitting bra, reviews vary

    So I like this bra it's the same bra as their fab fit just with lace which is a cute detail! I usually get a 38c or b which is too big/too small bc a 36c fits in cups but not the band. So if I do get 36c which I did in this bra I have to buy an extender, based on a review with photo I got a 3 hook extender made for Maidenform bras but didn't need it bc it's only 2 hooks! Smh, But also didn't need the extender which never happens this bra fit great! But another con the straps rub my arm at first they did with their other one too until I washed it a few times and got used to it I guess. I love the way it fits tho it's a t-shirt bra as stated but that's all I wear anyway!

    Finally found a bra that I actually like!

    I had been buying and wearing the same style of bra for literally decades. Then . . . they stopped making it! So, I began my search for a new style bra. This one is perfect. I am very happy and ordered more in different colors, once I had discovered it.

    Best bra in my life so far!

    And I am 50 so that says a lot! I buy my bras in bulk, when I find one that fits, I get one in every color and I bet I am not alone. :-) The previous bulk were also Vanity Fair bras but I couldn't tell you what style they were to save my life. The black bra finally had a wire poke through after all these years so I took a chance on this style. I was set on having to return them but when they arrived and I tried them on - whoa boy, I ordered about 7 more in every color. The three bras that arrived all fit perfect, wore the black on today and I felt so much 'more' in that bra that I've felt with any other. If this review doesn't do it for you, my apologies because I know how hard and important it is to find that perfect bra for all of our beautiful bodies. p.s. the previous bulk of bras were 36 D, it's been a while so I looked online how to measure for the perfect bra size and it came back as 42 B. The bra didn't fit. I went back to my 36 D and it was like a glove. Very happy.

    My favorite bra!

    It is next to impossible to find a bra that fits as you like and one that is comfortable. I have found it in this Warner's bra. My bras HAVE to be wire-free. This one is. They have to have a little lift... this one does. They have to be light and non-binding. Check! I've been wearing this particular style for years and the two I just purchased are replacements for a couple of older ones (maybe 8-9 years old) that are not so pretty any more. I'm small framed and small breasted so I don't know how these will work for someone who is larger and fuller breasted. But for me, I LOVE this bra.

    Extremely comfortable

    I bought these bras to accomodate my rapidly growing chest while pregnant. This is my first pregnancy and I started off quite small (34A) and am new to needing bras in larger sizes (now up to 34D and still have my entire second trimester to go). These bras were extremely supportive and comfortable and I feel like I'm incredibly difficult to please right now in terms of comfort, so they get two thumbs up! My only gripe is I was coming from a different Warner style in the 34C and I found that the band in this bra in the 34D is tighter than the band in the 34C in a similar but different Warners style. Technically I don't think that should happen but it is a minor complaint so it still gets 5 stars!

    My dream bra.

    Over the years I have spent a lot of money trying to find the perfect non-underwire bra. Because there were some negative comments, I decided to buy only one bra and either support the negative reviews or discredit them. I am here to say that I personally discredit the negative reviews. First of all there were complaints about the toxic odor which I found not to be the case. Also there were complaints that the cups were too big. Let's face it everyone's boobs are different so for me they fit perfectly. Someone complained that there was padding which made them look bigger. I found the padding to be very thin and made for a more comfortable fit and kept the nicely rounded shape of the bra. Someone said that after washing the bra the band became rough. After I washed my new bra it came out of the dryer exactly the same as brand new. I am in love with this bra and I went ahead and purchased 3 more in different colors with no smell and all fit the same. I have now found my dream bra.

    Holy grail finally!

    This is the most comfortable bra.

    I am a woman who lives braless, in a sports bra, or in my nursing bras from 2 years ago… why? COMFORT. All I want is to be comfortable and as a 38D (bordering DD), it’s hard to find that in a bra.

    This bra is the marriage of the traditional and sports bra I have been dreaming of. And the material is SO soft. So far, through two washes, the minor padding is still in tip top condition and the padding doesn’t move. A tiny hole to try and shove your fingers in and adjust a pad that you ultimately rip out… not here!

    If you’re looking for a push up bra, this isn’t it…. Buuuut if you are looking for a bra, because you hate bras and want to be comfy, and because your gals could use a little help out in public, I highly recommend!

    This is a very comfortable bra with great lift and separation

    This is a very comfortable bra with great lift and separation. This is my second purchase of this bra and I will buy more of them.

    Love this bra!!!

    This bra is so so great!! I love it!! I am a 38D I love the support and back slimming of the 3 hook closure in the back. Will order more in different colors!


    The only problem I have is that I have ordered a few of these bras and sometimes they are shipped in just a plastic sealed bag and so they get squished and sometimes the cups have creases in them I have returned those for different ones. I wish they would ship them in boxes so that this wouldn't happen.


    1. What is a T-shirt bra?

     A t-shirt bra is a bra designed to be seamless and invisible and to be worn under tight clothing such as a t-shirt. It is made from a smooth molded cup that has a rounded shape and prevents any visible lines or bumps.

     2. How is a T-shirt bra different from a normal bra?

     Unlike regular bras, T-shirt bras are specially designed to have a smooth, seamless look under clothing. They have molded cups without any seams or lace, and are often lightly padded to cover the nipples and enhance the shape.

     3. Are padded bras only suitable for women with small breasts?

     No, women of all breast sizes can wear padded bras. While they're usually associated with adding volume to smaller breasts, padded bras can also enhance shape and give women with larger busts a more lifted appearance.

     4. Can a padded bra be worn concealed under clothing?

     Yes, most padded bras are designed to be low profile and provide a seamless look under clothing. They are usually made of smooth fabric and have seamless cups, minimizing any lines or bumps that may appear on the garment.

     5. Are cup bras adjustable?

     Yes, many cup bras have adjustable straps with multiple hook and eye closures in the back to adjust the strap size. This feature allows you to customize the fit of your bra, ensuring optimal comfort and support.

     6. How should I care for my cup bras to maintain their quality?

     We recommend hand washing your cup bra with a mild detergent to maintain its shape and longevity. Avoid harsh chemicals or fabric softeners, as they can reduce the bra's elasticity. Also, air drying cup bras is preferable to using the dryer, as excessive heat can cause damage.

    7. Are there only basic colors for T-shirt bras?

     No, t-shirt bras are not limited to basic colors like nude or black. They are available in a variety of colors including vibrant shades and prints to suit different style preferences.

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