Women’s 2 Piece Lace Bralette Sheer See Through Bra and Thong Set

● GREAT SUPPORT AND COMFORTThe wires of supportive bralettes for women padded are well covered, and cushioned to not be uncomfortable and hit. The bottom half of the cup is the foam cup, underwire bralettes for women do really offer a shape to lift and support for you. With lace bralettes for women, you don’t have to sacrifice support for comfort!

● LACE BRA The black lace bra offers a seductive and sensual appeal with its see-through style. It is perfect for special occasions or when you want to feel empowered and confident. The scratch-free lace is ultra-breathable so you can enjoy all-day comfort without any irritation. Our bra also features sheer eyelash lace, expecially the color black that adds a touch of mystery and sexiness.

● ULTRA-SOFT MATERIAL Our premium, signature lace was designed to provide you with a second-skin feel. Crafted with a soft inner lining, you can enjoy the beauty of lace without having it directly on your skin with our unique two-ply design.

● FEMININE LACE LOOK  This bras for women has pretty lace with see through at the top of the cup as well as the lower part of elastic lace bra. Sheer bras for women exposes your cleavage while the lined area covers the nipple, also show your back. You will stand out of the cloud.

● MULTIPLE COLOR  Popular colors for your choice: rose red, red, black, complexion, white, dark blue. You can get change everyday.

  • Product: 2 Piece Lace Bralette Bra and Thong Set
  • Material: Lace/ Nnylon/ Spandex Fabric
  • Color: Black, White, Red, Coffee or Custom
  • Size: 70B, 75BC, 80BC, 85BC or Custom Sizes
  • Feature: Breathable, Skin friendly,Adjustable, Comfortable and soft
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    Ultra Soft Lace material

    The delicate lace overlay adds a touch of sensuality, making you feel confident and empowered. The attention to detail in the lacework ensures a stunning and luxurious look

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    Lace Design

     Lace Bra will make you feel effortlessly glamorous. It's designed to boost your confidence and enhance your natural beauty

    Underwires Supportive Bralettes

    this bra provides exceptional support and comfort. The underwire construction offers lift and shaping

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    Adjustable Strap & Back hook Closure

    If you're looking for both support and comfort, the lace bra is a perfect choice. It provides great support while still being incredibly comfortable to wear throughout the day. The ultra-soft material ensures a luxurious and cozy feel against your skin. Plus, the feminine lace look adds a touch of sensuality and elegance to your lingerie collection.

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    Customer Reviews

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     Great easy bra & pretty

    I like these when I don’t feel like wearing an underwire. Definitely recommend for around the house. I wear a 36E for reference, it would be an all around good bra for a smaller bust.

    Don’t hesitate! Great fit!! Great price!!

    I was sooo afraid to take a chance on these bras. The models are Asian, bras are not easy to fit unless tried on etc but I took that chance! So glad I did. I usually buy a 42C from Walmart or other local stores. Sometimes they fit ok and other times I need bra extenders. I am approx 5’4 and 245lbs. I ordered the double pack $35 for 2 bras with fingers . I ordered 44C to be safe. I was not disappointed! They fit great and definitely prop up the girls and hold in side boob!They also come with a bra extended which is awesome if needed! I’ll be buying more for sure! Don’t hesitate on these!! Great buy..very happy!

    Shocked, and LOVING. IT.

    Ok.. IT’S AMAZING. I was a little skeptical at first. Usually sets like this run way too small, are made much bigger for up top and smaller down below. To give it to you straight, I’m 50, had 4 kids, 5’7” and 140 lbs and ordered a L, to be on the safe side. While I’m fairly happy with my body, I’m a realist and know that most items like this are made for the firm, still-perky 20-somethings that have yet to fall victim to time and gravity..

    THAT SAID... this has beyond exceeded my hopes in being flattering! I’m natural (36 C), so yes, my girls don’t look like round, perky melons like in it (see ad ), BUT.. the halter top tie-style combined with the stretch of the fabric/ties actually lifts and gives me cleavage, like a regular bra. I’M FLOORED.  The bottom is actually fairly comfortable (as much as can be) and the straps do a great job at disguising any little mama pooch I have left. The stretch is just the best part of the whole thing.. comfortable, FORGIVING, and this set actually feels well constructed! I’ve got things cinched and tied fairly tight, and I have no worries whatsoever that a strap will suddenly pop or rip.. at all.

    You young little things want a cute set that’ll look awesome and flatter your assets while you still got ‘em? This is that set. You mamas that still got it in ya but just need a little help showing to its fullest potential? THIS IS THAT SET. I just tried this on for the first time and had to leave a review right away, I’m that impressed...

    I’m buying these in EVERY. COLOR.

    Excellent product

    I love the fit and feel plus it forms your breast outwardly in a nice looking way. I do not like to wear a bra at all unless it’s at work. I was told at work that I had to wear one so I wore my regular bra and saw my service tips dropped off to half of what I had made the earlier month. My nipples are very dark and pronounced and with this bra being so sheer it looks and feels like I am not wearing anything at all. Our uniform tops are a light colored and you can clearly see me. Another positive note is my tips are back to normal my managers are happy am wearing a “bra” although the other severs are still upset, it is what it is am ordering in white nextime. Lol

    Would Recommend

     The lace was well enough constructed that I didn't feel like it was about to fall apart or that I'd accidentally poke holes in it while putting it on. Also wasn't scratchy lace, but not the absolute softest I've felt either. Thought it was a bit weird that the front and back of the panties were exactly the same but also useful cause you could throw them on without looking and still be good. I'm 5'4", 32C, 26 waist/36 hips and the small fit perfectly. Had to tighten the straps a bit but that's pretty normal and easy. It also wasn't as elastic as I expected but there was enough stretch I could still get it on -- I used to swim competitively so my shoulders are a bit thicker than the rest of my body proportions.

    Time perfect

    I won’t add a picture cuz it would be a bit much but let me tell you this is definitely amazing especially for the price. I an 140 lbs, wear a size 34 DD BRA and have a 31” waist and the medium fit perfectly. Given I wouldn’t get the medium if you have bigger boobs as mine just barely fit but it looks pretty great. It is also very comfortable, I wore it under my clothes to a dinner and my bf loved it once we got home. I’ve worn it a couple times and it seemed to do well in the washing machine, not sure how long it will last but for the price getting a few wears would be more than enough.


    1 Can I wear lace bras and panties under tight clothing?

     Lace bra and panty sets are designed to enhance your curves and create a smooth look under clothing. Choose suits with seamless or minimal embellishments to avoid any visible lines or lace textures showing through tight clothing.

    2. Is lace underwear comfortable?

    Lace underwear can be comfortable if chosen wisely. Look for styles that offer a good fit and have a soft, stretchy lace. It is important to choose the right size to ensure comfort and avoid any discomfort caused by tightness..

    3. How to maintain Lace Bra Set?

     It is recommended to hand wash the lace bra set to preserve its delicate fabric. Gently clean the unit with a mild detergent and cool water. Avoid using bleach or strong cleaners as they can damage the lace material. After washing, allow bras to air dry to avoid warping or shrinking.

    4 Are there different types of lace used in underwear?

     Yes, there are many types of lace used in underwear, each with its own unique patterns and characteristics. Some popular types include Chantilly lace, guipure lace, Alencon lace, and Venetian lace. Each type adds its own elegance and charm to lingerie.

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